Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting out

I recently decided to try my hand at blogging. So I set up my blog and now it's time to start - the question is where.
So here are the basic beginnings.
What is this blog about?
I am a journalist for a daily paper in Johannesburg. Now judging by TV programmes like Scandal, Hard Copy and Isidingo, being a reporter is a sexy, glamorous job that has you flitting about on all kinds of scoops and exposes. The reality however, at least in my experience, is quite different for the most part. Read this blog if you'd like a glimpse of the real deal.
Okay - I have been a crime reporter for many years and that is pretty hardcore in a city like Joburg where you get to see blood and bodies fairly regularly, ride into shootings on the odd occasion (seriously!) and get threatened by dodgy characters. But that is nothing compared to becoming a mom.
I used to think that having children was what ordinary people did, easy as falling off a log. No longer! I now rate my status as single parent to three-year old Little One as by far the toughest, most demanding life challenges I have ever come up against.
What do you need to know about me?
I love my job and adore my daughter utterly.

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